Understanding the market, with Eghosa Ramnaps

Apr 19, 2024 | WhoisNCDconnect

Step into the world of global health partnership with Eghosa Ramnaps, Health Partnerships Manager at IDA Foundation. With a passion for enhancing access to life-saving health commodities, Eghosa’s journey embodies the spirit of collaboration and dedication to transforming healthcare systems, one partnership at a time.

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Q: Tell me about yourself, your background, and your experience with IDA so far?

I’m a blend of unwavering commitment to values and a zest for life’s adventures. With a background in Pharmacy and specialization in public health supply chains, I’ve dedicated myself to improving access to life-saving health commodities. Witnessing the challenges faced by those with NCDs due to the lack of affordable treatment, my work at IDA Foundation brings me immense fulfillment. I’m particularly excited about my role in supporting country stakeholders to unlock the benefits of NCDconnect, aligning perfectly with my passion to enhance health and well-being, especially in Africa.

Q: What do you like to do outside of IDA?

Outside of work, I find joy in praising The Lord through song and dance. I’m known as the life of the party and enjoy hosting gatherings with family and friends. Nature captivates me, and I cherish leisurely walks through forests and fields with loved ones. Long train journeys for relaxation are also a favorite pastime of mine.

I see health is the cornerstone of life and a universal equalizer. Contributing to the health of people worldwide is my avenue to make a meaningful impact and leave a lasting legacy.
Eghosa Ramnaps

Q: Why do you think NCDconnect is important?

Consistent access to high-quality, affordable medicines and health supplies can mean the difference between life and death. In LMICs like those I’ve experienced, challenges such as substandard medicines, unaffordability, and scarcity, particularly in oncology management, pose significant barriers to NCD treatment. NCDconnect addresses these challenges by offering reliable access to a comprehensive range of essential medicines, diagnostics, and supplies, eliminating quality concerns and providing pre-negotiated manufacturer prices directly to buyers. It’s truly a game-changer, and I take immense pride in our contribution.

Q: What is your role on the platform? How do you build relationships with buyers and stakeholders?

As the Health Partnerships Manager, I spearhead the platform’s rollout in countries. I engage with in-country stakeholders to understand their NCD health commodities needs and challenges, provide support in navigating NCDconnect, nurture our partnerships, and integrate the procurement and supply chain perspective into NCD management discussions, planning, and implementation.

Q: What are your goals around NCDconnect? What impact do you hope to have through your work?

By 2030, my vision is to surpass the SDG 3 target for NCDs, reducing premature mortality by one-third through prevention and treatment. I aspire to witness improved lives and well-being for individuals living with NCDs and see NCDconnect emerge as the preferred solution for accessing NCD medicines, diagnostics, and supplies.

Eghosa epitomizes the ethos driving IDA Foundation’s mission forward. Through her instrumental role in advancing NCDconnect, she not only bridges critical gaps in access to healthcare but also embodies the spirit of partnership, fostering relationships that empower communities and transform lives.

For inquiries and to explore potential partnerships, feel free to reach out to us at ncd@idafoundation.org.

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