Our Mission

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) claim 41 million lives annually, making up a staggering 74% of global deaths (WHO).

77% of these deaths unfold in low- and middle-income countries, where progress and funding on infectious diseases has steadily improved since 2000, but NCDs progress lags behind.

aims to accelerate this progress.

Together, we want to achieve universal health coverage and reach the most vulnerable and hard-to-access populations, simplifying the procurement process to save lives.

Photo credit: IDA Foundation / Tyrone De Jesus

One connection at a time.

Whether you are a Ministry of Health, Central Medical Store, non-governmental organisation or supplier, we are determined to bridge the healthcare divide and make the necessary connections available through our platform.

This innovative procurement platform is your go-to partner for affordable, quality-assured NCD medicines and medical supplies.

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About us

Joining forces to enable access to affordable, quality-assured NCD medicines

NCDconnect was developed by two social organisations with the same mission: improve access to medicines and medical goods to low- and middle-income countries. By combining both expertise, NCDconnect offers a distinct and efficient solution for your day-to-day procurement.

We acknowledge the significant challenge posed by non-communicable diseases, and we firmly believe that addressing this challenge requires a collective effort. NCDconnect serves as a vital pathway to provide accessible medicines within a broader ecosystem, where public, private, and civil sectors intersect.

That’s why we proudly joined forces with a diverse network of organisations:

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