The founder of the Solvoz platform, With Claire Barnhoort

Feb 19, 2024 | WhoisNCDconnect

As we continue our introductions to the team behind the NCDconnect platform, we are delighted to introduce you to Claire Barnhoorn, the CEO of Solvoz, a driving force to the technology behind the platform.  

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Tell me about yourself, and your experience with Solvoz so far?

My journey is deeply rooted in a passion for humanitarian operations. Inspired by the great famine in the Horn of Africa in the ’80s, I harbored a desire to work in this field since I was six. Within that scope, Solvoz is my passion and through it, I am to improve efficiency and effectiveness in humanitarian operations, such as access to shelter, electronics, or transportation. I find immense fulfillment in bridging the funding gap, promoting fair markets, and establishing sustainable supply chains.

What you like to do outside of Solvoz ?

During the time I am not spending time at Solvoz, I love hanging out with my boys. I spend many hours a week at the Rugby fields around The Hague (besides team manager with U10, also board member of Voorburgse Rugby Club). In addition, I love traveling by train with my family through Europe and beyond, exploring and wandering.

What is Solvoz’s role as a partner, and your role as an individual on the platform and process?

Solvoz provides the enabling technology, including the catalogue functionality, for health agencies, governments, NGOs, and other healthcare actors to place requests and be matched with quotes for affordable quality supplies and supply chains.

I, as CEO of Solvoz, join forces with the IDA team to share our NCDconnect vision and mission with stakeholders: towards our end users in LMICs, to donors and funders in the healthcare space, and to the manufacturers and pharmaceutical suppliers. We believe NCDconnect can support LMIC medical markets to run efficiently, effectively and responsibly.

We actively seek new partners to help achieve our global missions. While actors can build their own portals, having a white-labeled portal available reduces duplicity in development and empowers everyone in the driving seat to accomplish their healthcare access missions.

Why do you think NCDconnect is important? What gaps is it filling?

Creating fair, quality markets for the health sector is crucial. With Solvoz, we can enable market mechanisms to increase efficiency to bridge the funding gap, promote fair markets and enable sustainable supply chains. The health sector poses unique challenges, necessitating a highly trusted partner. Solvoz and IDA Foundation align seamlessly in our shared goal of ensuring access to affordable quality medicines globally. NCDconnect is a logical step forward, combining Solvoz’s enabling technology with IDA’s quality medical procurement services.

What are your goals around the NCDconnect platform?

The core mission behind founding Solvoz is to bridge the funding gap in the face of rising global needs. The biggest cost component for humanitarian agencies, NGOs and health organisations is their procurement and supply chain budgets. By increasing the efficiency of procurement and supply chains, we aim to contribute to this mission.

Secondly, we aim to create fair markets and use our procurement capacity as enabler to reach the global SDGs for responsible, sustainable (environmental, social and economic) procurement. These are the big why’s behind our Solvoz technology.

Partnering with the IDA Foundation, as a non-profit medical procurement service provider, is the logical next step to join forces and with our technology and their expertise serving the health care sector. NCDconnect allows us to contribute to affordable, quality medicines and medical supplies for non-communicable diseases.

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