Driving Diagnostic Procurement: A Conversation with Preeti Rane

Apr 22, 2024 | WhoisNCDconnect

Preeti Rane is our NCDconnect senior sourcing specialist & category manager for NCD diagnostics. She is dedicated to ensuring equitable access to medical treatments. With over two decades of experience and a multifaceted skill set, Preeti embodies the spirit of fostering partnerships and bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility. Let’s delve into her journey and insights as she navigates the complexities of global health procurement with IDA Foundation.

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Q: Tell me about yourself, your background, and your experience with IDA so far?

Hello, I’m Preeti Rane, a seasoned sourcing specialist driven by the vision of ensuring universal access to quality healthcare. With an extensive background in procurement spanning over 23 years, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to noble missions aimed at making healthcare more accessible. My journey with IDA Foundation spans a fulfilling 12 years, during which I’ve honed my skills and embraced the multicultural ethos of the organization. I’ve recently joined the NCDconnect team to focus on sourcing for NCD Diagnostics.

Q: What you like to do outside of IDA (family, hobbies, music, travel anecdotes, etc.)?

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find solace and joy in various creative pursuits. I’m a passionate singer, jewelry designer, and classical dancer, finding expression and fulfillment in the arts. Additionally, I’m deeply engaged in climate activism, collaborating with platforms dedicated to addressing environmental challenges.

Q: Why do you like working in the field of global health?

My passion for global health stems from a desire to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. The opportunity to contribute to reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which claim millions of lives annually, serves as a powerful motivator. Building strategic partnerships, anticipating trends, and fostering innovation are the driving forces behind my commitment to this field.

Q: What is your role on the platform? What are your key considerations when you are working with suppliers?

As the Category Manager for NCD Diagnostics, my role revolves around strategic sourcing and procurement of a comprehensive range of diagnostics. When collaborating with suppliers, I prioritize sustainability, ethics, and quality standards, seeking partners who align with IDA’s values. Our value proposition to suppliers lies in fostering long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, leveraging our market expertise and commitment to operational excellence.

Q: What are your goals around the platform? What impact do you hope to have through your work?

My goals for the NCDconnect platform revolve around ensuring accessibility, reliability, and quality of products. By fostering robust supplier engagement, optimizing procurement strategies, and driving operational excellence, I aim to make a meaningful impact on healthcare accessibility. Ultimately, my vision is to contribute to reducing the global burden of NCDs and improving health outcomes for individuals worldwide.

For inquiries and to explore potential partnerships, feel free to reach out to us at ncd@idafoundation.org.

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