A Q&A with Gauri Sahasrabudhe

Jul 5, 2024 | Uncategorized, WhoisNCDconnect

Gauri Sahasrabudhe has a background in Pharmacy and Masters in Business Administration a seasoned sourcing specialist driven by the vision of ensuring universal access to quality healthcare.

Q: Tell me about yourself, your background, and your experience with IDA so far?

With an extensive background in procurement & strategic Sourcing over wide variety of categories, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to noble missions aimed at making healthcare more accessible. My journey with IDA Foundation has just begun, during which I’ve honed my skills and embraced the multicultural ethos of the organization. I’ve recently joined the NCDConnect team to focus on sourcing for medicines for different categories to name a few ones like Cardiovascular and Respiratory.

Q: What you like to do outside of IDA?

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find solace and joy in various creative pursuits. I’m a passionate dancer, swimmer & an avid reader. Additionally, I love listening to good music, exercising & playing with my daughter.

Q: Why do you like working in the field of global health?

According to a CNBC Workplace Happiness poll, 35% of workers ranked “meaningfulness” as the top contributor to their on-the-job happiness. That puts it above salary, which 20% said was the most important. Other research supports this, such as a study that found more than 9 out of 10 employees were willing to give up a percentage of their lifetime earnings in exchange for greater meaning at their jobs. What makes a job “meaningful” likely varies from person to person, but for me work that improves society, protects human rights, and helps the most vulnerable is undoubtedly meaningful. I can proudly say that I am part of a system striving to make world better and safer for most marginalized people by providing access to medicines.

Q: What is your role on the platform? What are your key considerations when you are working with suppliers?

As a Strategic Sourcing Specialists for NCD medicines, my role revolves around sourcing and procurement of a comprehensive range of medicines. When collaborating with suppliers, I prioritize sustainability, ethics, and quality standards, seeking partners who align with IDA’s values. Our value proposition to suppliers lies in fostering long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, leveraging our market expertise and commitment to operational excellence.

Q: What are your goals around the platform? What impact do you hope to have through your work?

My goals for the NCDConnect platform revolve around ensuring accessibility, reliability, and quality of products. I envision NCDconnect becoming the go-to platform for acquiring NCD medicines and medical supplies worldwide, contributing significantly to global health and well-being. With access to reliable information and availability of quality medicines/medical supplies, buyers can make informed decisions and we can strengthen the preventive healthcare systems along with providing treatment options; I aim to make a meaningful impact on healthcare accessibility. Ultimately, my vision is to contribute to reducing the global burden of NCDs and improving health outcomes for individuals worldwide.

For inquiries and to explore potential partnerships, feel free to reach out to us at ncd@idafoundation.org.

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