A Q&A with Yogesh Deval

Feb 1, 2024 | WhoisNCDconnect

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Strategic Sourcing Manager

An introduction to the sourcing team of NCDconnect

Meet Yogesh Deval a seasoned professional with 17 years of unwavering commitment to the IDA Foundation in inventory management and supply chain. Today, he shares his invaluable insights into the significance of NCDconnect.org, shedding light on his efforts to ensure quality and affordability in supplier and manufacturer partnerships, and the platform’s role in bridging critical gaps in medical procurement.

Q: Tell me about yourself and your experience with IDA so far?

A: I’ve been with the IDA Foundation, based in the Mumbai, India office for 17 years, evolving from assisting in inventory management to handling large-scale programs for ARV and TB. Currently, I’m engaged in strategic sourcing and category management, with a specific focus on NCD sourcing. Working towards a mission to enhance access to quality and affordable medicine brings me immense satisfaction and has kept me here for most of my career!

Q: Why do you think NCDconnect is important?

A: NCDconnect plays a crucial role by rapidly connecting buyers through a digital platform. Its disease-focused product catalogue allows buyers to request quotes from IDA efficiently. Currently, the demand and supply for NCDs are fragmented. Market demands in many low- and middle-income countries are often too small to meet minimum order quantities of suppliers/manufacturers, leaving entire nations behind in the global medical supply chain, and more importantly, people without access to live-saving treatments. NCDconnect acts as a marketplace, promoting pool procurement to consolidate the small and fragmented demands systematically with a user-friendly interface for buyers.

Q: What is your role on the platform and in the process?

A: My role encompasses category management, sourcing, and contract management with key suppliers. Once products are sourced, they are seamlessly integrated into the NCDconnect platform, offering buyers a wide array of choices. Products are only live on the platform, after we have confirmed and vetting suppliers.

Q: From the supply side, how are you ensuring affordability, accessibility, and quality of goods on the platform? Why is this important to you?

A: The aim is to have multiple sources through a competitive process, ensuring the best prices and reliable sources. All products sourced are either WHO-PQ, SRA, or IDA approved, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. (For more information on IDA quality assurance, read our article Join us in the fight against substandard medicines)

Q: What are your goals around the platform? What impact do you hope to have through your work?

A: My goal is to provide the best customer experience to buyers in the target market, meeting their NCD-related requirements. Continuous learning from customer feedback informs my sourcing strategy, ensuring a best-in-class service to our customers.

As Yogesh Deval spearheads the back-end of NCDconnect.org supplier and manufacturer partnerships with passion and commitment, his journey symbolizes the dedication of the IDA Foundation in making quality healthcare accessible globally. Through NCDconnect.org, we aim not only to streamline medical procurement but also to impact lives by ensuring affordability, accessibility, and quality in the world of non-communicable diseases.

More team interviews to come 😊

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